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The Catz Pyjamas Gallery Of (Cat) Art

The Catz Pyjamas Gallery has a rotating exhibition of paintings and fine art prints. The gallery is a celebration of cats in our current and past societies. Artists have always loved depicting the character of cats in all manner of media, consider the ancient sculptural largely symbolic figurines, all the great recognised periods of visual art, to modern digital arts and popular music. There is indeed, an extensive playlist of cat themed music written in direct response to that perculiar character we all love to observe in cats.

We know famous cats in popular culture largely through comics, films and cartoons. Felix, Tom (and Jerry), Top Cat with Benny and the other alley cats, Sylvester and the list goes on.

The demure of a cat is hilarious. They can be pompous, stately, distressed and aggressive (even at the same time), and despite their surety they too sometimes fumble and embarrass themselves. They will be the subjects of cat art practitioners for as long as we make art and choose to live with cats.

We run the gallery as a low commission micro business passing on a large percentage of the sale price to the artists. This aspect of The Catz Pyjamas is largely a labour of love. Our door is open, so feel free to drop in and have a look at our Gallery!